Business Accounting & Auditing
Audits, Reviews, Compilations
Whether you have an established company or just starting out, everybody needs accurate and reliable financial records and reporting.  G&G can upgrade or create an accounting system tailored to your business to maximize profitability through careful consideration of cost-containment, cash flow budgeting and forecasting, employee benefits, tax planning, and investments.  Through years of experience, G&G has become second to none providing services to closely held businesses, sub-S corporations, and filing complex individual returns.  We also specialize in audits for traversing the difficult terrain of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as cemetery associations.
   Assuring the integrity of financial data for some third-party or internal purposes is a vital part of accounting.  G&G can alleviate the worries of dealing with any audit or IRS agent by conducting comprehensive examinations of accounts, transactions, and inventories.  Using the advice G&G has to offer on proper accounting systems, you can guarantee accurate information and minimize adjustments to accounting records.
Quickbooks Pro Advisors
  Quickbooks provides an easy way for companies to maintain accurate records, but when a question or problem arises from the software, it might stop being so quick.  G&G can ensure you are getting the most out of your Quickbooks program by providing support on correct product selection, installation and set-up, as well as operation and reviews to maximize efficiency of the current set-up.  We also share our product discount with our clients that comes with being Quickbook Pro Advisors.